System Rehabilitation - SCALE

A handfull of Sludge taken from a physical boiler cleanout

Most municipalities in Southern Alberta take their water from the South Saskatchewan watershed. Glacial meltwater running straight from the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains carrying with it a virtual mountain of dissolved mineral solids including calcium and magnesium. Thanks to this fact, we "enjoy" some of the hardest water in Canada, which is a why our clothes irons, washing machines, shower heads and any other water using appliance won't last as long here as they do in... say... Toronto.

When you put that water into a boiler and bring it to a very high temperature the problem becomes even worse as the dissolved solids begin to plate themselves onto every metal surface at heat-exchange points (boilers, chillers, heat-exchangers).

The immediate effect of this is that energy bills begin to rise. Scale is a fairly effective insulator; as little as 1/16" (1.5 millimeters) of scale on your boiler pipes will increase your energy bills by 10%; 1/8" of scale can increase your heating cost by 25% and 1/4" of scale (6 millimeters) can increase your gas bill by 40%.

Is a 1/4" buildup of scale likely? Oh yes. It is not uncommon in Calgary to see 3/4" of scale buildup in heating systems! That amount of buildup requires approximately 90% more energy to heat the water than a clean system. Imagine saving half your water heating bills simply by clearing out the built-up scale.

Chemically de-scaled boiler, before and after treatment

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