"I get these monthly bills from my contractor... I don't even know if they've been here or not."

"Why am I only finding out after the fact that there's a problem with my boiler?"

If you've ever had thoughts like these, you're probably wondering why you shouldn't expect the same level of accountability and professionalism from your HVAC contractor as you do from any other professional service provider? Well, we think you should.

Prevent Mechanical is changing the paradigm and with it, the entire HVAC industry in Southern Alberta. We promise to provide you with a complete status report on every system at every site, every month. And you will not see an invoice from us until that report is in your hands. To get some idea of how a thorough monthly inspection will provide you insight into your building's operations, please see the sample report below.

Monthly Maintenance Report Cover



"We have been through many other plumbing building contracts at our Condominium over the years which we experienced lack of quality service until we found Prevent. They have been very responsive, professional and their attention to detail in our complex has been greatly appreciated by Board members and our Management Company. Heating & Plumbing is a critical and expensive component to up keep - we are so glad they are on deck!" - Scott S.