You may expect the engine in a new car to serve for 250,000, 300,000 or even 350,000 kilometers without a major issue, but how long would it last if you never changed the oil, or the filters?

What would you think if you took your car to a mechanic and, when you picked it up, all you got was an invoice for $300. No explanations of what work, if any, was done.

What if you'd just paid for an oil change and you noticed the filter and oil were already filthy, so you asked them, "Did you change the oil filter?", and they said "No. You only asked us for an oil change."

And if your engine failed after only 50,000 kilometers, what would you think if the mechanic shrugged and said "well, it's pretty old". Then, after you replaced the engine, the transmission failed, then the differential?

You'd be reaching for a phone... AMA, Better Business Bureau, maybe a lawyer.

You would not accept any of these situations as part of your car's preventative maintenance program because you are accustomed to an automotive service industry that is, for the most part, way ahead of this in terms of professionalism, transparency and effectiveness.

So why do you accept it from a mechanical services provider? There could be only one reason... you don't know that it's possible to do better. How could you? Virtually every contractor servicing small-to-medium sized sites in Southern Alberta operates at the same, mediocre service level.

Up until now, mid-sized building operators have had two choices: substandard service from an affordable contractor (which inevitably leads to higher operating and repair costs) or unaffordable professional services from a large national contractor who will treat your account like it doesn't matter much to them.

Prevent Mechanical is going to change that. Our preventative maintenance programs are the best in the industry. They are designed to save you money every single day on your heating and operating costs and to save you big money on capital expenses every year on service and repair costs by extending the life of your heating and cooling systems indefinitely.

We are changing the paradigm for building owners and managers and we encourage you to check our references because they will tell you the same thing.